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Various #askjaxasms Stuffs [aka: rapid-fires]

by: jacK staffwriter

Hey jacK

a great friend of mine always ends up with the guy at the end of the night, instead of me, or unfortunately, in spite of me. why?
Sally via #askjaxasms

hey back sally!
not really sure the answer you’re looking for sally…nor am I even sure you have a question in your question. whatever – the answer i will offer is this:

You CAN do way better than a hook-up in a bar. MEETING someone – cool – but the hook-up? Do better than that.

OR – your great friend is a whore/slut, and you need to UP THAT PART of your game. I DO NOT recommend this – but if that’s what you want – UP the whore part and you’ll be successful anytime you want. The guys you’re trying to hook up with in the club or bar, for the most part, are dumb pigs. More skin…More dirty mouth…More whore.


hey jack.
Did you or do you really do porn?
Greta (toronto, canada) via jaxasms@icloud.ca

Hi Greta! Thanks for the note.
(Greta is referring to an earlier story – right here called porn.)

Greta… No I have not done porn. COULD do radio-porn maybe – but not anything visual. A NUMBER of reasons I won’t go into here. And Greta – i might REMIND you of the main character here on the good ship jaxasms.ca – sarcasms?

multiple jaxasms

Somewhere, probably my old (first) blog where i was an unqualified, slightly meandering, right on point, very successful — relationship coach. Or relationship advice columnist. Was in a few newspapers in the U.S. and Canada, and on that (this) internet thing where I wrapped up (actually self-destructed or one of my asms) train wrecked it.

Then…Sarcasm (of the ‘biting’ or ‘mean’ variety) was, almost like this, my staple. So i missed writing, missed getting and answering letters, and missed the train wrecks that always ensued — so jaxasms were born.

Called Rapid Fire then it answered questions rapidly with nearly nasty short quips. Example: “Dear ———-, ive caught my boyfriend cheating on me 4 times. How do i make him stop? Amy. Vancouver BC.” MyAnswer — “Amy. You DON’T (can’t) make him stop. YOU are part of the reason he does it to you. You’ve trained the dog to shit on your bed in the middle of the night, so this what he does, and WILL DO until he can’t get it up.” Next…   (question)

So 8 or so of those made up a posting, and the posts were a hit. I did entire podcasts and vlogs devoted to them. Here, shorter questions, very short answers, and about 5-8 of them. So ask me anything whenever, whatever – just ASK!

There will be more features coming and i will do this same thing: introduce them, and wait for your questions, statements, or comments. You can Dear Jax or hey jax! them if you like, or not – whatever.