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No PG Scavenger Hunt

Over the course of this pandemic, one little thing I noticed was the extents to which online teachers have gone to keep kids interested in online learning. This got my sometimes childish brain thinking about one of the activities they partooken in. A (various topics) scavenger hunt event was VERY popular with the children, and also popular with educators looking for *new* ways to teach the very often ADHD kids science or math.

The last feature I saw was a scavenger hunt for coloured, and various shaped objects in the children’s’ bedrooms. So I thought, OF COURSE, of an adult version of such a project.

So – HERE IT IS! I don’t care WHAT you find in your homes, but I want to hear about what you DID FIND! Whether or not you have roommates or family in your place I want you to scavenge! Not colours or shapes the ONLY criteria I present to you is that it MUST be an item that you keep/store in a hidden like place. A drawer, cupboard, toilet tank, bedside table – a spot that if you had guests in your home – would be hidden from sight.

Whatever is in those places – Tell me what it/they is/are. For fun! TAKE A PICTURE and send it to me! If you wish to remain anonymous – say so in your letter. I’ll only use FIRST names and NO PICS of YOU!

Dial it up! I want to know the TRUTH! Let’s KEEP it on an adult level as not many children frequent a website about SARCASM and DOUBLE/TRIPLE ENTENDRES. Just NOT their thing. I’ll post your photos unless there is something ILLEGAL in them, and I WILL NOT report ANY stories to authority-like figures.

Let’s have some FUN! Send all your details to jaxasms@icloud.com and then watch here for ALL the entertainment I am sure we’ll muster!

HOPEFULLY be forewarned!

All The Sh!t We Should Just KNOW

Justabit of a rant…

Most (about 99%) of the world’s laws, bylaws, rules, even like shampoo bottle warnings – are just common sense. I cannot believe I even have to say that, but I DO. If you have a fork in your hand – do you NEED to be told NOT to jab it in your eye? For most people the answer to that is NO sh!t!

I KNOW that you ARE capable of using, and recognizing, common sense. A LOT of you may appear on the surface that grasping that is a way beyond your capabilities – BUT IT IS NOT!

What brought this on is a bunch of questions put to jaxasms.ca about the Covid 19 thing. Mask up. Over your nose, over your chin, DUH? If UNFILTERED air is making it inside your body – cover it up? If the unfiltered air is making it inside your person – YOUR unfiltered air is out there to be inhaled. Again DUH. I am NOT a disease expert – an expert like Dr. Teresa Tam or Dr. Bonnie Henry – or an expert on ANYTHING medical. I am kinda like an expert on common sense. 1+1=2.
Stop and THINK a bit here kids

Do like me do. Compare everything to a campfire or stovetop. ALWAYS. Apply MY (what I call it) CampFire/StoveTop theory to your own self stuff. COMMON SENSE is your body’s/brain’s natural reaction to the CampFire Theory. If you touch the flames – you get burned. THAT is simple stuff AND it hurts! A bit of reinforcement of the ‘You’re an Idiot’ feeling. Common sense, or as I call it ‘notsomuch common sense,’ is the same. It’s what you USED when you DID NOT stick your face into the campfire.

Life is the same kids. THAT is HOW you muster up the common sense that SHOULD be required, and quite frankly, SHOULD be second nature to us stupid humans.

That’s it! You now have the tool necessary to execute on common sense Every. Single. Time. Now just use it! Woo-Hoo! Right?

But you won’t, and I will be saying this same stuff next week. Ok, whatever.

Seven-Somethings – ONE

A new, almost olden, jaxasms.ca feature-similar, might-be-regular-like, series-imitating post(s). Depending on YOU liking it (Send me a note and let me know what you think) or you hating it, I will determine how often to post a ‘Seven-Somethings’ post for your eyes’ consumption.

How will it work? GREAT question! You are brilliant!

I will introduce the topic, or story, or theory, or thought, or complaint, or suggestion, or bitch, or moan – you get it. Anyway…After the introduction, will be a list called The Seven-Somethings. How-to’s, how NOT-to’s, what to-do’s, what not-to-do’s…and MANY cracks about common sense, common stupid, uncommon ideas or suggestions. Like a Top-10 list – only jam-packed with information, tips, suggestions, etc. in a format of Seven or 7.

Don’t stank on my attempt to explain this – just consume SEVEN, on the regular. And here’s the first list-of-seven for your critique or compliment. DON’T FORGET to pass along your thoughts and suggestions – even if you want to list them in sevens.

And now. A Sevens:

Seven-Somethings of Seven-Somethings for Seven-Somethings about Seven-Somethings.

SEVEN: Even I am sick of the word ‘seven’ in this post

SIX: Nearly every issue is based on, or is perpetuated by, LIES

FIVE: New word-of-the-month, ‘transparency,’ might be the LEAST transparent and MOST manipulative word/position/picture EVER

FOUR: This is, without exception, 4

THREE: As proof of 4, I present 3.

TWO: Proof of life is ALWAYS involved in hostage situations. SO the next time I kidnap someone and demand cash – to assist me – I SHOULD record a proof-of-life BEFORE negotiations start and/or things get heated in case the proof of life becomes impossible.

ONE: Financial Advice: For the sake, and benefit, of your future and your bank account – number 2 is the MOST important note in this ENTIRE post.