Unprecedented NOTHINGS! [Disputed Facts, Fake News, NSFW – BBW’s.] {Nearly}

Pandemic catch-phrases, NSFW buzzwords-but-why’s, 18+ ID should-be requirements for Disney + and a Crave? Back in unprecedented news… My brain hurts just getting that title and introduction out of my head. I wrote it and still had to read, re-read, and start over 4 times to get to here. And now here…As we’ve hearded aContinue reading “Unprecedented NOTHINGS! [Disputed Facts, Fake News, NSFW – BBW’s.] {Nearly}”

Stupid – Stupid Humans

This Covid thing has provided me with some good, quality, people watching opportunities. I LOVE watching them – Just NOT a fan of talking to them. ANYway. One city is quarantined – it’s next door neighbour is not. One country is closed down and the US remains open for business. One airline is shut downContinue reading “Stupid – Stupid Humans”

why so effin angry bro?

Probably a question we humans SHOULD be asking ourselves in the morning mirror instead of ego-boosting self flatteries, or on the internet asking which fetish for breakfast on the PornHub this morning. Humans NEED to calm the fvck down. It’s just like the majority of our earthly problems in 2021 (NO. Not covid) – it’sContinue reading “why so effin angry bro?”

Sciuridae, Sewer Words, jaxasms.ca

This site, and the space I rent here on the intranet are NOT – I will repeat that for emphasis* – are NOT FREE. *emphasis means to emphasize. What this means is that I PAY to write here and that guy with the donkey he fvcks in livestream, and then blogs to tell you aboutContinue reading “Sciuridae, Sewer Words, jaxasms.ca”