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he says the F word

This site, and the space I rent here on the intranet are NOT – I will repeat that for emphasis* – are NOT FREE.
*emphasis means to emphasize.

What this means is that I PAY to write here and that guy with the donkey he fvcks in livestream, and then blogs to tell you about that act is also PAYING to provide that community service.

Yes, paying cash money, مَالٌ, Novak, penge, geld, dinero, raha, argent, pinger, bani, para, derar, dirva, dom, kudi, lacaq, salapi, owo, fedha, arian, navada, ban, diners, flus, and penize IS a thing! SOME actually write stuff, and pay, to piss you off. It kinda helps that you are looking to get pissed off!

SO – just so that we are clear on what we’re doing here – I make it, write it, publish it, and just as a value-added statement, I randomly piss you off too.

So a friend, buddy, colleague – whatever – said to me the other day, probably like some of YOUR friends etc. have said to you. Sans the jack part of course. Well unless your name is jack – then I guess it might be identical. ANYway, he said “jack. the internet was MADE just for people like you.” I responded with, “Dude. Your grammar and word choice? Really? YOU MEANT made BY people like me?” Then I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed!!

Oh hey! Did you know, that when I hand write an exclamation mark on paper (duh) I do the dot first and then the up and down line. Umm yea.

So this is all a perfect example of my ADHD, ADD, Squirrel!

Once again, once again, once again, focus squirrel! Gotta get back on, and stay on, the course. Course – the path you THINK that is laid out for you in life. Which reminds me as a newly crazy person…I am writing a book! You’ll be able to get it right here if you wish. Likely not for a few years though – cause…this.

Distraction says: brain. And dear reader –

A brain, a book, a course, a squirrel, piss me off culture, a parental warning, cursing, money, مَالٌ, Novak, penge, geld, dinero, cost of a website, blog, access to said websites, and an effin donkey!

Seriously kids – where ELSE are you going to find all this AND dumb-ass ME? ALL THAT and for you it’s FREE – it ONLY costs me.

Finally – before I head down another rabbit hole – I will just say this: Fuck.
But why!?

Because I can.