Another conspiracy theory surrounding the Covid pandemic has risen to life like a medical-grade Frankenstein

OTTAWA – Doctors and the Canadian Government made a sweetheart ‘vaccine deal’ — APPARENTLY to save the lives of millions of conspiracy theory surrounding a secret vaccine oath between Canadian doctors and the government has been confirmed, revealing medical professionals are pushing vaccinations in order to save your life. According to Yellowit user @I_M_Alberta_born_baby, theContinue reading “Another conspiracy theory surrounding the Covid pandemic has risen to life like a medical-grade Frankenstein”

The Bigfoot. The Chupacabra. The Dinosaurs. The †Raphus Cucullatus†

and The Humans Coming Soon!! by jacK: staffwriter ( The dodo bird. I recently stopped by an old friend’s house for a beverage and dinner with him and his family. First a Caveat — (A caveat is defined as a proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations. In this case more of an explanation toContinue reading “The Bigfoot. The Chupacabra. The Dinosaurs. The †Raphus Cucullatus†”

All The Sh!t We Should Just KNOW

Justabit of a rant… Most (about 99%) of the world’s laws, bylaws, rules, even like shampoo bottle warnings – are just common sense. I cannot believe I even have to say that, but I DO. If you have a fork in your hand – do you NEED to be told NOT to jab it inContinue reading “All The Sh!t We Should Just KNOW”

Sometimes It’s Silence %^#@?*&!!

Approx. read time4:30 (((This one. A scoop! I’m the ONLY one! Ok you too now)) Another look at your relationship – whichever kind – ONLY catch: It’s for exclusive and good friendship relationships and maybe will bleed into familial ties too. It is not like me to recommend SILENCE for much…BUT when I do… IContinue reading “Sometimes It’s Silence %^#@?*&!!”

Spinnin’ the Plates – First Part

Usually. This is the introduction part. HOWEVER for this *series* of posts…notsomuch. Except to state a topic, and suggest a hole – said topic should be buried in. I know you WILL cringe throughout, but stick with it. The cringes will be fairly short-lived and hopefully we can work together for a common goal –Continue reading “Spinnin’ the Plates – First Part”